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As the song goes, “video killed the radio star.” If that’s true, then the internet resurrected it. In a world of divided attention, an audio-only source can stand out amidst the inundation of video content the average person experiences on a daily basis. Listening to radio or a podcast from a smartphone during a commute or while exercising is very popular today across multiple demographics. As mentioned above, the advent of mobile devices has also expanded the reach of radio in our everyday lives. This accessibility has motivated engagement and increased audio streaming audiences from around the world.

According to Edison Research, half of all people in the U.S. listen to online radio on a monthly basis, and this figure is still on the rise. That’s a potential audience size of 120 millions listeners! This statistic is up 6% from 2012, and a staggering 28% since 2003. Taken at the weekly level, 33% of all internet users listen to online radio.

What do these figures mean for the live streaming world? In the words of Edison’s VP of Strategy, Tom Webset: Media consumption is showing signs of being dramatically changed by both technology and by new paradigms. Mobile’s increasing utility as ‘the first screen,’ as well as the rise of alternative content forms, such as podcasts and ‘bingeable’ content from on-demand video services is subverting the myth that our attention spans are shorter.