Mike Overnight Radio Show
The Mikeovernight radio show (9K)


Late Night Radio is ALIVE!

"Text Your Request 206-588-6453"

Radio stations from around the world and in YOUR home town are broadcasting the Mike Overnight Show to fill in those late night hours of radio broadcasting.  Mike closes the gap for radio stations to get out of being a juke box radio station overnight to a real person who loves the overnight hours.  Mike entertaining your listeners!

On-Air Personality

He's lived it, played it and perfected it into an art form! No Mike never has been a station owner, program director or musician, just a DJ who loves entertaining listeners in the late night hours.  In 2013 Mike took to the first airways with the Mike Overnight Show and has now reached out to the whole world. With the help of local radio stations and on line radio stations Mike's show has grown from two stations to over 160 station Affiliate's!

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